Our Innovation Approach We view innovation as a manageable and sustainable institutional culture and make it possible for us to competitively be one step ahead. With this approach we strive to develop this advantage in a systematic manner.

You can watch the story behind the design process of "ELA (Elastic Hinge Cover) which is designed by globally known industrial designers Defne Koz and Marco Susani"- as one of the most important indications of Samet Design Approach.
Innovation Process
We determine the market requirements
We know the market and our target audience very well, which helps us to develop products that satisfy their needs.
We have a different & unique outlook
We bring forth creative and innovative differences.
We conduct research studies and develop strategies
We develop segmentation solutions and positioning strategies.
We merge Design & Excellence Performance
We create designs by integrating the designs that make a difference when evaluating product performance criteria.
We Manufacture with Quality
Our manufacturing process is perfomed by state-of-the-art technological hardware and quality control assurance.