About Samet
SAMET A.Ş., the leading brand of Turkey in furniture accessories, was founded in 1973 in İstanbul. The company maintains its leading position in the furniture accessory market with its product range over 6000 manufactured with the technological equipment appropriate for the needs of the era and thanks to the experience of 49 years.

SAMET A.Ş. employs more than 1150 employees in its modern and high capacity manufacturing plants equipped at the cutting edge over an area of 80,500 m², 32,000 m² of which is closed. SAMET A.Ş., attaching considerable importance to innovation and design, has 88 employees working in the R&D institute. With its active points of sale more than 500 in the domestic market and export operations to more than 80 countries on five continents, mainly consisting of USA, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Slovenia and China, SAMET A.S. is the leading brand of furniture accessories industry both in Turkey and world. Based on customer satisfaction and dominating the market by following the technological developments closely, SAMET is one of the biggest players of the industry in the global market with the target of outperforming and environmental consciousness.
Corporate Strategy
SAMET succeeded to combine remarkable experience and services comprehension with the help of the most up-to-date technologies in order to meet nowadays trends requirements and improve conditions of people’s creativity boost.  This favorable system has been developed since 1973 and it is constantly kept up to date. The rudiments of SAMET philosophy are formed and implemented with the innovative vision approach and orientation on making a difference in design perception in our country. With these rudiments SAMET processes immense worldwide competitiveness  and aims to dominate in the global arena by following these principles: 
  • To maintain its position among the global brands’ product quality by means/with the help of integrated, continuously developing technology and state-of-the-art hardware,
  • To establish effective sales and marketing strategies with an objective to achieve sustainable and profitable growth
  • To work on underlining values of stakeholders and business partners and expressing it practically in a consistent manner,
  • To protect brand loyalty by means of integrated marketing communications, 
  • To develop and improve the corporate management values and philosophy as a basic business principle in all the countries where the company operates, 
  • To focus on the continuous development and advancement of Human Resourses efficiency and effectiveness. of human resources,
  • To develop and keep up with high standards in awareness of a service understanding/efficiency that creates value for the society as well as the environment.