Saldıray Kızıltan Chairman of Board of Directors
We styled the future.
Starting our journey in 1973, we knew that we could add a lot to humanity with our jewel. 

Shaping the metal also styled the future.
We builded future factories in our homeland which is the major effect for us to share fate.
The reputation of the furniture accessories we manufacture went beyond our borders and spread across the world. 
Today we  feel the right proud of being the leader in Turkey and being among the top brands in the World owing to innovative furniture fittings we market more than 80 countries.
Even  though designing thousands of new products we still look into the same jewel to see  and style the future.
We would like to extend our gratitude to all from the smallest workshop to the largest manufacturer, from the architect to the craftsman, who have shared our view of the future with us for 47 years. 
Ufuk Kızıltan Chief Executive Officer
We reinforce SAMET's deep-rooted history with design and innovation
Dear Business Partners, Stakeholders and Employees;
In our trip that we started as SAMET in 1973, we follow developing technology closely and produce suitable solutions for the necessities of the time and become the brand leader in Turkey and known in the world.  We continue to be the leader in the furniture accessories industry with more than 3000 ranges of products that we have formed by reinforcing the deep-rooted history and reliability of SAMET with design and innovation.

Thanks to our works to date, the SAMET brand is taking important steps towards becoming a world brand. As a result of these works, we continue our way with the mission of introducing 100% Turkish brand and quality to the whole world and opening our own offices in Italy, Germany, Russia, America and China, we are waving the Turkish flag on 4 continents.

For this reason, we believe that we have tremendous responsibility and we strive to carry our product design, production technology, systems, operation understanding and service quality one step further with each passing day.

As we move forward with decisive steps in our goals, we look to the future with great hope and confidence, and we focus on doing our job better  with great effort every day.  I would like to express my gratitude to our shareholders, customers, dealers, suppliers and colleagues who have given us the greatest support in all these successes and future goals.

Best regards
Ufuk Kızıltan
Saldıray Kızıltan
Ufuk Kızıltan
Umut Kızıltan
Serdar Senemoğlu
Şeref Sezgin
Pınar Uçkan
Bülent Sincan
Burak Özmenekşe