Factor in SAMET
​It is our utmost duty to create the environment that would leverage human factor in terms of efficiency and motivation, performance increase and ensure personal development trainings. It is important because our employees are the ones who help us to win success in our global brand awareness journey.
SAMET makes a difference with promoting and supporting team work. This is why the company grows at a fast pace reaching great success both in the domestic and international arenas with its dynamic, motivated and qualified team members.

We, as SAMET Human Resources Team, endeavour to create the environment that will maximize productivity and inspiration of our team members. We work on increasing their performance by developing their confidence boost, and to ensure their progress through various skills development training sessions.

Our Human Resources Strategy, based on this vision, is to grow with our colleagues with the help of their motivation, creativity and personal unique talents. With this strategy we strive to ensure our continuous growth as a global brand that supports and helps to develop each team member within the company.