Catering & Café within coworking space
Cafeteria service is being provided in all of our facilities. Moreover, cafeteria service is functioning throughout working hours to create environment that encourages collaboration and inspiration. Our guests are always welcomed to our café to enjoy friendly atmosphere of our team spirit.
Birthday Off
In addition to the annual leave, a one-day off is granted on birthdays.
Free Transportation Services
Commuting to and from the workplace is arranged through the organization of transportation services.
Dress Code ( Smart-Casual )
SAMET team dresses in a manner that corresponds to professionalism, elegance and comfort at the same time.
Working Hours
Working hours are from 08:00 AM to 5:30 PM, 5 days during the week for office staff. The legal periods set forth according to the labor law are applied within the framework of working calendar for the factory staff.
Health Service & Workplace Physician are available with regards to daily health issues any of our employees may experience at the workplace.