LGA is a Germany based test center with over 30 offices worldwide and test laboratories with more than 135 years of experience. 

We have been certified by the LGA and received the "LGA Qualits Certificate" in 2001. 
TSE is an approved Standard Quality and Technique Consultancy Service that certifies companies which are meeting international standards for production standardization. 

Since 1980 SAMET has been approved by this institution, as well and it is the first company owning this certificate for its hinge systems.
To meet and to guarantee that we are fulfilling international standards, Intertek has analyzed, tested and certified our products according to RHOS specifications. According to the outcome of their test procedures the raw materials we use for the fabrication of our products do neither harm the environment nor they cause any human health issues.
At Samet we recognise that our business has an impact on people’s working conditions and the environment. This Samet Supplier Code of Conduct comprises the minimum requirements relating to the Environment and Social & Working Conditions.

Understanding and appropriate fulfilment of Samet’s Guiding Principles managing the 8 core areas of Samet Supplier Code of Conduct are compulsory for all suppliers and contractors. Samet’s business partners play an important role in supporting the Company’s vision and goals and while they are independent businesses, we expect them to share similar operating philosophies and values.

Samet Suppliers shall always comply with the most demanding requirements whether they are relevant applicable laws or Samet specific requirements. Should the SAMET requirement contradict national laws or regulations, the law shall always be complied with and prevail. Insuch cases, the Supplier shall immediately inform SAMET.