The SUPREME Soft-close Concealed Hinge is a new generation SAMET American Type Cabinet Hinge Systems product which ensures slow and silent closure of American type furniture doors. Integrated soft-close mechanism completes the aesthetic and minimalist design of the hinge and customized by user switch on and switch off position. A high-engineered track mechanism allows all users to assemble and disassemble the door to the cabinet easily. 6-way adjustment options bring better precision for furniture. Doors can be adjusted quickly in six directions.

Track Mechanism Hinge

Integrated On-Off Soft-Close System

The Supreme Soft-Close American type cabinet hinges bring great slow and silent closing performance for American type cabinet doors. The integrated soft-close mechanism completes the aesthetic and minimalist design of the hinge with its position in the hinge cup. Supreme hinge soft-close system may be switched on and switched off by all types of users. Switching off the soft-close mechanism ensures perfect closing performance for every type of light, small, heavy doors. End users easily manage their door closing performance and all manufacturers use just one type hinge for all types of doors and customize according to their furniture needs by the on-off soft-close system.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly with Track Mechanism

The Supreme Soft-Close American type cabinet hinges serve fast and easy tool-free assembly and disassembly of furniture doors to American type cabinets for all type users. There is no need for any tool for assembly of the door to American type cabinets and also no need any tool for disassembly. Single touch by hands will assemble doors to face frame cabinets. It brings great benefits to the manufacturer by saving time and energy. It also provides the opportunity to end-users for assembling and disassembling the doors whenever it needs.

Technical Features

  • 1-1/4” and 1/2” overlay options
  • 105° opening angle
  • Ø35 mm cup diameter
  • 45 mm cup axis
  • Ø8 mm dowelled and screw-on mounting options
  • Package: 200 units
  • Coating: Nickel
  • The height, side and depth adjustment options in 6-way