SO Class

SAMET Bottom Mounting Drawer Slides provide ease of use, durability, mountability, longevity and functionality. Bottom mounting drawer slides are basic drawer systems used worlwide. The most crucial factor, that improves SAMET Bottom Mounting Drawer Slides' quality, is cutting-edge technology painting process. SAMET Slides meet end users' requirements and provide easy mounting to furniture producers thanks to different size and colour alternatives.

Long life and quiet operation.

Smooth and slient running

SAMET Bottom Mounting Drawer Slides, produced in the Samet's modern production technology, provides smooth and silent running with its durable painting quality and nonabrasive roller system.

Soft Closing

Drawers are closed slowly and silently by means of the state-of-the-art soft close mechanism, specially produced for SAMET Bottom Mounting Drawer Slides, regardless of weight and closing speed.

Technical Specifications:

• Self closing system.

• Drawer Length: 250/300/350/400/450/500/550/600 mm

• Electrostatic painting (White, Cream, Metallic and Grey).

• Unique silently running wheel system.

• The improved stability guarantees a long product durability.

• 25 kg dynamic loading capacity.

• Safety system to avoid derailing.